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Disney goes fashion

Birthday in June and ending of the age 19. The day, when shopping makes me happier than ever. This is the age, when I seriously start thinking about future, carrier, as I get older, I sense more responsibilities, but sometimes it’s hard to feel like an adult.

I still want to watch cartoons and be connected with Disney Heroes, as I did years ago. Great solution is wearing them on our clothes, shoes and as an accessories. I was lucky when I found this incredible Denim shirt at the local vintage boutique. Truth to be said, Donald duck isn’t the most impressive thing about this shirt, the size of the shirt is huge and I love it. In Fashion, it’s not mandatory to wear exactly our size. The Best way to look gorgeous is to wear clothing which makes us feel comfortable. That’s why I like my Denim shirt so much. It’s over sized and makes me feel cozy.

It’s an amazing feeling, when I am walking around my city streets and I see people gaze at me with cute smile and appreciation. My advice is to get Disney heroes on your clothes and cheer your closet up! It will make your everyday life much more fun and exciting.

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