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When you live in Tbilisi, surrounded by heavy traffic, noise and the hot weather, it all makes life kind of difficult.  Before exams or vacation you have to stay  in Tbilisi, so you have to find a place of timeless harmony.

There are some amazing places in Tbilisi and one of them is “Gardenia Shevardnadze”. It is my Garden of Eden, one of the most highest place at Tbilisi in front of my house. Even air is different there.

Beautiful flowers create a magic atmosphere. There is a little café too with delicious cakes. Old tables and chairs, chandlers and mirrors, so all I can here is to dream with a cup of coffee. Sometimes I think it is not 21th century.

I love when my look is khaki green, because this color suits me and when you wear a green clothes you are part of this place, so Zara’s jumpsuit is the best choice.

I’ve always been a huge fan of body art. Now, temporary tattoos are making a serious come back and this time they are not just for kids. If you have been paying attention to the latest beauty trends, you may have noticed a lot of women going for gold and sprucing up their skin with all sorts of incredible metallic body art. These fancy little foils are flash tattoos. “Must have” of this year and now my hand with rings and flesh tattoos are more beautiful with tan.

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