Social Media Affects

Today I want to talk about social media affect. I daily use Instagram and after scrolling slowly my Instagram feed see: “pretty coffee with pretty girls, beach trip. It’s all like that. Everyone looks like they’re having the best day ever, all the time. Showing only the best and most enviable moments while concealing efforts, struggles, and the merely ordinary aspects of day to day life.

Have you ever felt lost in this world of perfection? Felt you are not good enough, pretty enough, skinny or curvy enough? I know I have, (not because I am perfectionist) and I still do time to time.

Guess what? It’s not all as perfect as it seems. We influencers get to choose what we post and we usually pick our best pictures. We choose to show what seems to be socially acceptable and what fits with the beauty standards of today’s society. Nothing wrong with but sadly it gives the world an unrealistic idea of life and human bodies.

My body is not made of stone, it does not look like the bodies you can see in magazines or at runway all the time, but I love myself as real as I am, as confidence as I am.

We must stop thinking: I’ll never be that cool, that skinny, that lucky, successful.

And finally, you know what- trust people, not pictures.

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