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Welcome To Miss Selfridge Georgia – Brand for Individuals, Girls, Fashionistas. Going all out to bring contemporary style to self-assured women looking for unique feminine fashions.

You can find all key products there, follow us and we will show you the ultimate guide to the new summer season

Flared Trousers, More Freedom

For those (very rare) occasions when dressing like a Woodstock throwback just isn’t an option, you’ll be pleased to hear that a pair of mega-flares can be worked into real life too. See Miss Selfridge’s wide-leg trousers – fluted from the knee down, but kept under control by a slick tunic – for a fishtail-like silhouette that’s smart enough for work.


If you still need some gentle persuasion to jump aboard and dare to flare, then definitely make the high street your starting point, as literally every one of your favorite stores has tapped into the trend (a good indication these trousers are set to run and run). So for minimum risk but maximum style points, don’t delay your purchase – no one wants to hear the dreaded words ‘sold out’! Even when the flare is supposed to be making a comeback, we never see that much in the streets. Therefore it is sometimes hard to figure out how to wear it. Especially when we got so used to wearing skinny pants all year long. I think you indeed have to choose the right ones for you and style them in a way that suits you in order to look great with it (please, see the example above) Not as easy as with skinny pants. But when you manage to do it, it is great, because they make you stand out by looking different from the crowd.

More Stripes, More Art


Which brings me to… stripe – one of our very favorite prints? It truly is such a timeless, classic pattern that can be worn throughout every season. Love and wear the pretty, whimsical striped piece above with denim. Want to bask in the sun, get a little bronzed and wear on a vacation to Batumi. You can wear stripe shirts for all occasions, from lunch meetings to a night out with my friends! It’s not a shirt you only wear to work or job interviews anymore. They’re so easy to style, whenever you are in a rush plus striped shirts instantly make you look polished! Dream boyfriend jeans, stripped shirt and wrap tie ballerinas leather – enjoy the outfits that are simple, yet still eye-catchy somewhere. Just when your outfit doesn’t seem to be so special, you turn around and boom!

Black Jumpsuit and High Heels Tie Shoes

Jumpsuit have taken summer fashion by storm, becoming a staple on par with the maxi dress. And when it comes to an all-in-one outfit — what’s not to love? Comfortable, stylish, and cool enough to wear on even the hottest summer days, this is one trend that’s here to stay. Depending on the fabric and style of the jumpsuit, it’s an item that can be easily glammed up or dressed down, accessorized. This was fashionable back in the 70′s but is currently back on-trend. Ladies, don’t be afraid to try one of these stylish items! There’s a jumpsuit for everyone.

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