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After freezing-cold January and February Spring is finally here with our city’s festive Event- Tbilisi fashion week which was held on the last day of March.

The nature was feeling itself upcoming TFW and days were getting warmer and sunnier. Even through cold never bothered me to pick an outfit, despite its capability to weather, but nice temperature added extra fun to my outfit choosing.

Tbilisi loves the fashion! Locals dress to impress and shop to keep up with fashion’s latest trends, fashion shows were filled with tasteful and fashionable guests.

It’s a serious struggle to find store which matches my individuality, lucky me I found this shop “Miss Selfridge” at the Tbilisi mall. The clothing instantly caught my eyes and attention so I had to pop inside and shop. The pastel colors, feminine outlines made me to love this collection.

On the first day I was channeling strong, independent and attractive woman. The clothes and make up was true representative of my after ego.

As usual I proportionally divided color palettes on my face, Smokey eyes and light colored lipstick were perfect match.

The color which will never be out of fashion is metallic, that’s why I picked up metallic from “miss selfridge”, accesorised  with silver clutch and artsy earing made by “Tione”.

Among the hotels in Tbilisi, “Rooms hotel” is one of the most beautiful and picturesque. In the garden I enjoyed with my friends and glass of Georgian wine.



Girls not always need crown to feel like princesses, nice comments of my friends, compliments and questions of foreign guests about my outfit really made me feel like a princess.

It’s my motto to be simple and attractive, the gentle light blue Top and Skirt with in floral prints doubled Spring excitement. The volume of the dress was supported by the net. The main inspiration of the look was 90-es Carrie Bradshow, but sadly I could not find my Mr. Big …


It wasn’t hard to guess that this fashion week would be closed by Georgian designer George Shagashvili. Black is not my most favorite color but out of respect of George, I decided to wear totally black outfit and added little bit of fun with an  army green cap. I hopped in my jumpsuits and throw leather jacket on, it was a quick dress up, comfy and effortless.

George Shagashvili never disappoints, after the show I had positive vibes all night long.



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